Qualifications / Specifications


A. New Contractor Eligibility Requirements
  • No record of a preventable accident resulting in a fatality or serious injury or payout greater than $100,000.
  • No record, citation or conviction during the one-year period prior to the application date of:
    • Using a handheld mobile phone or texting while driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).
  • No record, citation or conviction during the thirty-six (36) consecutive months prior to the application date of:
    • More than three (3) moving violations
    • More than one (1) preventable accident and two (2) moving violations
    • Operating a vehicle without a valid license or improper license, including operating a vehicle while a license is expired or under suspension, revocation or cancellation
    • Offenses resulting in more than one (1) driver's license suspension for moving violations thirty (30) days or more
    • Reckless, aggressive or careless endangerment of any vehicle
      • Two (2) or more instances of exceeding the posted speed by 15 m.p.h. or more than one (1) instance of more than 20 m.p.h.
    • Operating a CMV when not medically certified
    • Operating a vehicle that contains alcoholic beverages, drugs or controlled substances contrary to law
    • Any offense resulting in suspension of driving privileges due to excessive or serious moving violations
    • Violating an out-of-service order issued by any law enforcement official
    • Falsifying any document related to DOT compliance
    • Carrying or transporting unauthorized passengers in a CMV
  • No record, citation or conviction during the sixty (60) months prior to the application date of:
    • Operating any vehicle while unlawfully under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances
    • Failure to submit to or pass drug, controlled substance or alcohol testing mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or requested by any law enforcement official in connection with the operation of any vehicle
    • Failure to stop or remain at the scene of an accident in connection with the operation of any vehicle
    • Failure to yield to a school bus while operating any vehicle and causing an accident
    • Failure to yield for a railroad crossing while transporting hazardous materials in a CMV
    • Fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement official in any vehicle
    • Using any vehicle in connection with the commission of a felony

Every driver of a tractor-trailer leased to FedEx Custom Critical must have an unrestricted class A commercial driver's license (CDL).

Tractor drivers must have a minimum of 6 months of verifiable tractor commercial driving experience requiring a CDL within the 2 years prior to the application date or a minimum of 1 year of such experience within the 5 years prior to the application date.

D. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND Felony – no less than 7 years from the date of clearance. (Clearance would be the completion of probation, parole, incarceration or court-ordered diversion program relating to felony.)
DUI/DWI – no less than 5 years
Misdemeanor – no less than 3 years


Vehicle Specifications
  • Cargo payload capacity of 44,000 pounds
  • Eight model years old or less
  • Must have a total of four tire chains in truck

Freight Securement

  • Two rows E-Trac (one at floor level, on at 36" above floor at each side)
  • Four E-Trac ratcheting straps
  • Four four-foot 2x4s
  • Four tire chains
  • Four E-Trac shoring beams
  • Hammer and nails
  • Cargo door lock