Qualifications / Specifications

Interested in being affiliated with FedEx Custom Critical? If you meet these general minimum requirements, then we'd like to hear from you:

  • No more than two (2) moving violations within the last three (3) years, and a maximum of one (1) in the previous 12 months
  • Able to pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug test
  • A proper class CDL

In order to contract with or drive for a contractor of FedEx Custom Critical, you must meet certain other eligibility requirements.

These vary based on the size and type of vehicle:

At FedEx Custom Critical, we contract with owners of:

Because safety is our utmost concern, each vehicle is required to keep on hand emergency equipment including:

  • Fire extinguisher (type 10 B.C.) charged and mounted
  • Spare fuses (for electric circuits)
  • Three warning devices (flame-producing devices prohibited)
  • Bidirectional emergency reflective triangles must have manufacturer's certification of compliance
  • Safety goggles
  • Steel-toe shoes