Shipping Studies

Are you an emerging pharmaceutical company needing assistance in developing your cold-chain shipping plans? Are you responding to an FDA 483 letter? Do you need to qualify your shipping lane, vehicle or packaging? FedEx Custom Critical can help.

Count on a Shipping Study
Shipping temperature-sensitive products can be complex. Count on the quality and expertise of FedEx Custom Critical to assist in developing your plans or to improve your current processes. Here's how you can use a shipping study:

  • If you are experiencing temperature excursions or deviations with your current processes, our specialists can analyze the issue and provide you with a comprehensive report.
  • FedEx Custom Critical can conduct a temperature shipping study on a specific lane, container, vehicle and/or packaging and will provide you with the performance data.
  • Stay ahead of potential compliance issues by using a shipping study to test all segments of your cold-shipping plan prior to implementation.

For more information or to schedule a shipping study, send inquires to