Automotive Industry Solutions

The success of FedEx Custom Critical was built several decades ago on serving the needs of the auto industry and its suppliers with accuracy and speed. Now that the industry has changed, FedEx Custom Critical has more solutions than ever before to offer automotive companies, their vendors and suppliers.

With our fleet of exclusive-use vehicles (from cargo vans to tractor trailers) spaced throughout North America*, we provide a surface alternative to air shipments. With access to the FedEx Express air fleet and other transportation alliances, we are able to provide delivery reach across the globe.

Count on FedEx Custom Critical for the fast and safe transport of:

  • Production and non-production goods.
  • Materials for unplanned emergencies or production-line slowdowns.
  • Emergency maintenance repair operations (MRO) materials.
  • Empty rack returns.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Tooling and molds.
  • Oversized parts and machinery requiring flatbed trailers.
  • Prototypes and models.
  • Any shipments requiring temperature control.
  • Partial vehicles.

Contact FedEx Custom Critical for your transportation solution at 1.877.218.5186 or ship online.

*Interline carriers are utilized for services in Mexico.