Hazardous Materials Expedited Shipping Services

Shipping hazardous materials requires expert handling and special delivery. For attention to detail, safety in handling and security, trust FedEx Custom Critical for transportation solutions for your hazmat shipments.

Count on Surface Expedite to transport:

  • Gases 2.1 (flammable)
  • Gases 2.2 (nonflammable)
  • Flammable liquids 3.0
  • Flammable solids 4.1
  • Spontaneous combustibles 4.2
  • Dangerous when wet 4.3
  • Oxidizers 5.1
  • Organic peroxides 5.2
  • Corrosives 8.0
  • Miscellaneous 9.0

Call 1.866.274.6117 to request a quote or book a shipment.

For your most sensitive materials, including those requiring temperature control, turn to White Glove Services to ship:

  • Explosives (all classes)
  • Poison 6.1
  • Infectious Substances 6.2
  • Poison Gas 2.3
  • Poison Inhalation Hazard
  • Gases including helium, nitrogen, oxygen and argon
  • Radioactive materials

Temperature-Controlled Solutions
For your hazardous materials shipments requiring temperature control.

For more information or to set up a shipment, call 1.866.280.1810 — or use the Shipping Toolkit to schedule shipments online.