White Glove Expedited Shipping Services

For ground shipments needing specially-equipped vehicles including: special handling, temperature control and validated services. Our trained and certified personnel handle sensitive shipments to support regulatory compliance including healthcare and hazardous materials.

Secure Transportation Solutions

We provide an array of standard secure features built into our business, along with options for shipments that require enhanced or customized secure transport.

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Temperature-Control Services

On the ground or in the air, we have the temperature-controlled solution to meet your needs.

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Hazardous Materials

Customer service agents and drivers specially trained and certified to handle the transport of the most sensitive of hazardous materials.

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Special Care in Handling

Specially equipped vehicles, including pads, straps and liftgates for sensitive shipments.

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For more information or to schedule a shipment, call White Glove Services at 1.866.280.1810 – or use the Shipping Toolkit to schedule shipments online.