Layers of Security

Additional Secure Services

Provides secure measures beyond FedEx Custom Critical standard operating procedures.
  • Vehicles are sufficiently fueled at time of pickup to meet security standards.
  • Vehicles do not stop until destination or at least 200 miles from shipper, whichever comes first.
  • Every vehicle is sealed and locked.
  • Shipment details are confidential — only discussed with dispatch on a need-to know basis.



This allows loaded FedEx Custom Critical vehicles to park overnight at a secure facility.
  • FedEx Service Centers and other locations are qualified for safe parking based
    on their level of security.
    • Gated, fenced yard, staffed 24 hours, surveillance cameras.
  • An additional level of security for freight awaiting delivery at a secure facility instead of a truck stop.
  • Safe facility for secure transfer of freight when necessary.



The FedEx Custom Critical SecureComm® center takes over the monitoring of the shipment and provides more detailed monitoring with a select group of security specialists.

  • Proprietary security protocol followed during transit.
  • Access to FedEx Security professionals to provide an extra layer of security.
  • Creation and implementation of customer-specific security standard operating procedures.