Layers of Security for Commercial Customers

FedEx Custom Critical provides the right level of secure transportation, with a variety of secure options based on the need of your cargo.

The FedEx Custom Critical SecureComm® center adds a select group of security specialists for more detailed monitoring of your sensitive shipments.

Our Security Command Center can implement the following:

Driver Secure Program
Provides secure measures beyond FedEx Custom Critical standard operating procedures.

Secure Parking
This allows loaded FedEx Custom Critical vehicles to park overnight at a secure facility.

Command Center Tracking
SecureComm takes over the monitoring of the shipment and provides more detailed monitoring of shipments with a select group of security specialists.

Security solutions may be combined and customized to fit your secure-shipping needs. When your shipments or supply chain require additional procedures, we tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

Need secure options in the air? Check out FedEx Custom Critical Air Expedite® secure solutions to meet those needs.

Does your shipment require Government Transportation Protective Services? Check out our government shipping solutions.