Secure Transport Solutions

Secure Features Built into Our Business

Times have changed, and secure transport of your critical shipments is more important than ever. We provide an array of standard secure features:

  • Exclusive-use vehicles provide direct, door-to-door service throughout the United States and Canada. Only your shipment is on the vehicle.
  • Continuous and proactive shipment monitoring with two-way, on-board satellite communication.
  • Proactive shipment intervention, notifications and contingency plans.
  • We provide you with a shipment summary e-mail that includes a digital photo of the driver(s) who will be picking up your shipment.
  • In-house security team who can work with your security professionals for maximum protection of your shipments or customized SOPs.
  • Background checks on all our drivers.
  • Secure online shipment tracking, so you can monitor your shipment status from pickup to delivery.

We also offer enhanced security options:

  • Vehicles equipped with alert buttons for law enforcement notification.
  • Security escorts available for intrastate and interstate shipments.
  • Access to FedEx security professionals globally to enhance shipment monitoring.
  • Can accommodate a courier on the ground or in the air, upon prior processing and approval.

Need additional secure transport features? Check out our layers of security.