Secure Transport Solutions

Secure Transport Solutions in the Air

From chartered aircraft to premium airfreight, we have a solution to meet your monitoring and secure transport needs.

On-Demand Charter Aircraft Secure Features

  • Pairing an exclusive-use charter with our exclusive-use vehicle is the fastest way to ship anything anywhere while maintaining constant control and monitoring.
  • Multi-sized charter aircraft available globally.

Premium Airfreight Secure Features

  • We utilize exclusive-use FedEx Custom Critical® vehicles for pickups and deliveries. FedEx Express® handles the air transportation on most shipments.
  • Shipments receive priority movement in the FedEx Express network.
  • Blue "urgent" tape specifically identifies the freight to ensure it is monitored closely throughout transit.
  • Constant tracking of shipments on the ground and in the air.
  • Proactive communications with all FedEx® ramps, hubs and locations.
  • Direct flight options or arrangements at all transfer points for additional security.
  • Dedicated and sealed containers available.
  • FedEx security available to escort or watch freight.