Pharmaceuticals / Cold Chain Logistics

With the advent of globalization, the life science industry is challenged with effectively transporting therapeutics under strict temperature controls and within the time constraints of the pharmaceutical product requirements. In the U.S. and internationally, FedEx Custom Critical has the expertise to provide transportation within the cold chain, providing verifiable quality, tracking and control. Our full range of temperature-control solutions is available through ground and air.

Our portfolio includes:

Full-range temperature control and protection from freezing. Temperature data receipts available upon request.

Temp-Assure Validated®
Thermal-mapped vehicles, temperature data receipts and our Quality Assurance team to support your regulatory compliance.

Temp-Assure Shipping Studies
Do you need to qualify your shipping lane, vehicle or packaging? FedEx Custom Critical can help.

Temp-Assure Air®
Temperature-controlled airfreight solution for shipments that must stay within a desired temperature range during transport.

Temp-Assure Validated Air®
A validated airfreight process for temperature-sensitive shipments providing verification of cold-chain quality and regulatory compliance.

Air Expedite Network
Next-day, same-day, Saturday and international premium airfreight solutions for those who provide their own temperature-controlled containers or packaging. We provide the reliability and tracking of your shipment that you expect from FedEx.

Do you have questions or need assistance in choosing your cold-chain (or warm-chain) shipping solution? Check out our "Buyer's Guide to Cold-Chain Shipping" to learn more.