Which FedEx Company Suits You?
Thank you for your interest in FedEx Custom Critical. Please take a look at some of the characteristics of contracting with our company. If we're not quite what you're looking for, then maybe one of the other FedEx companies is a better fit.
FedEx Express Overview
Custom Critical Ground Freight Express
Independent contractor, owner operator (owns and drives)  Independent contractor Driver, employee Couriers, employee
Over the road, 48 states and Canada
No dedicated routes
Set route, local and regional Set route, local and regional Set route, local and regional
Out at least 10 days at a time Set schedule Set schedule Home each night and weekends
Straight trucks with sleepers, tractors with or without 53' trailers Step vans, cargo vans, straight trucks with no sleepers, tractors (doubles) Straight trucks with no sleepers, tractors, doubles Step van, straight trucks, tractors (day cabs, no sleepers)
No hubs or terminals  Hubs and terminals for tractors
Pickup and delivery for straight trucks, step vans and vans
Hubs and terminals Hubs and terminals
Business to business Delivery to residence or business Business to business or terminal to terminal Delivery to business or residence
Customer dock-to-dock  Drop and hook    
Expedited freight, Temperature control Home delivery, Ground
Small package
Less-than-truckload freight Overnight small package, overnight express freight