Meghan McNamara

The support and compassion of the employees at FedEx Custom Critical is what Meghan McNamara says helped grant her the miracle of becoming a mother.

Meghan McNamara started working at FedEx Custom Critical in June 2010 in the company's Surface Expedite division. Six years later, she is now a senior lead agent in FedEx Custom Critical's White Glove division.

Meghan and her husband tried to start a family for many years. In June 2013, a family friend approached them with the opportunity to adopt from a woman who was five months pregnant with a baby girl.

Meghan initially heard about FedEx Custom Critical's adoption assistance program from Bill Adams, an operations supervisor, who also adopted his four children through the company's adoption assistance program. Immediately after she met her daughter's birth mother, she set up a meeting with her supervisor and someone from human resources.

"I wanted to make sure all my ducks were in a row," Meghan said. "I had to find an adoption lawyer fast because the birth mother was already five months pregnant. FedEx gave me a toll-free number to call, and when I called the number they were able to immediately give me a list of lawyers."

Soon after Meghan started the adoption process, her daughter Isabella (Izzy) was born 11 weeks premature in July 2013.

"I was nervous because I realized that the adoption needed to be done quickly," Meghan said. "Izzy was very sick. We wanted to make sure when she was released from the hospital that she was able to come home with us."

Meghan was told that the home study part of the adoption process, which consists of interviews, writing essays and taking classes, usually takes about three months. However, she and her husband were able to complete the process in two weeks.

"FedEx was very understanding about me taking intermittent days to complete the home study and get everything legalized," Meghan said. "I was even nervous that I would run out of FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) days while Izzy was in the NICU. But, when I met with my manager, he said he supported what I was doing and if I needed more time he would work with me to figure it out. It was truly a blessing."

During the 7 weeks in the NICU Meghan and her husband were able to finalize the adoption. And as soon as Izzy was released from the hospital, the McNamara's were able to take her home.

"FedEx Custom Critical's flexibility and support kept my mind at ease during this very difficult time," she said. "When I came back from FMLA my whole team surprised me with a baby shower at work. The support I got from my team and my supervisors was incredible."

FedEx Custom Critical's adoption assistance plan offers reimbursement to eligible employees for up to $5,000 per adoption for expenses incurred during the adoption process.

"If it was any other job, I don't know if that flexibility or support would have been there," Meghan said. "They were very understanding about how difficult it was not to be able to have children of your own. They played a huge part in helping me have that miracle."

Today Izzy McNamara is three years old and completely healthy.

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