Ken May

Ken May, corporate account manager, says after working for FedEx Custom Critical for 16 years he still feels a sense of pride when he sells one of our services to a customer.

"Our company has grown so much since I started working here," Ken said. "I can look back 10 or 12 years ago to when some of the services I sell today were just ideas that grew into something bigger than we ever could have imagined."

Ken started working for the company in January 2000 as a customer service agent. After a few years, he was promoted to a shift leader, which later gave him the opportunity to become a supervisor.

During his time working as a supervisor in the company's Air Expedite division, Ken was selected to lead the temperature solutions team.

"Back when I first joined Air Expedite, we had a customer call in and say they needed to move a shipment that needed to stay at a certain temperature range," Ken said. "Being who Custom Critical is, a solution for critical shipments, the team members and leadership worked together to investigate what it would take to offer a temperature control air service. That's where the idea first started."

Ken was part of the temperature solutions team that started out as six agents and two supervisors.

He traveled around the world to more than a dozen countries trying to find vendors and partners to work with to develop specialty services like the temperature control service.

"When I initially took on the position as supervisor I didn't like to fly or travel," he said. "Just a few weeks after accepting this position I was on a flight to Paris. It's little pushes like that from the leadership of this company I really appreciate now. It's what I needed to get me going."

The temperature-control solution gained popularity quickly. As the service grew so did the team, adding more agents, supervisors and directors.

"The greatest asset our team had was having individuals on it who believed in the solution and how big of an impact it was going to have on our company," Ken said. "That drive was key. We were all learning together, celebrating our accomplishments together and learning from our mistakes together. So many individuals helped build this solution. I was truly blessed to be a part of it."

Ken says FedEx gave him endless opportunities to act as an entrepreneur in the industry. "One of the best parts about working here is always being able to challenge yourself," he said. "I had so many wonderful leaders that gave me so much flexibility and empowerment to excel in my career."

Ken later transitioned from his supervisor position to a business development role within marketing which earned him his current position as corporate account manager.

"We work with such a wonderful company that helps empower its employees and get them to think outside of the box," Ken said. "16 years ago I never thought I would be where I am today."

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